Tecuya Mountain

Los Padres National Forest, CA


Distance4.9 mi
Elevation gain2,100 ft
Route typeOut & back
Duration2 h
CruxClass 1

Peaks bagged

Tecuya Mountain(HPS)7,160 ft / Prom. 1,280 ft

HPS — Hundred Peaks Section


Starting along a dirt road.
Looking back toward the trailhead.
After staying right at a couple forks, the trail heads up this valley.
Sharp left turn.
At a switchback, looking back into the valley.
Starting up Tecuya Mountain's south ridge.
Following a lattice of trails carved out by mountain bikers.
Looking back down the ridge. Frazier Mountain is in the distance.
The trail levels out near the top.
Another look back toward the town of Frazier Park.
Pine trees near the summit.
Tecuya Mountain summit.
View east. The high peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains are visible on the horizon.
View south toward Frazier Mountain.

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