Hines Peak and Topatopa Bluff via Sisar Canyon

Los Padres National Forest, CA


Distance21.7 mi
Elevation gain6,200 ft
Route typeOut & back
Duration7.5 h
CruxClass 2

Peaks bagged

Hines Peak(HPS)6,719 ft / Prom. 3,209 ft

Peak 64406,440 ft / Prom. 404 ft

Topatopa Bluff(HPS)6,367 ft / Prom. 47 ft

HPS — Hundred Peaks Section


The route starts out on private property, but the owners permit hikers to travel along Sisar Canyon Road to the boundary of Los Padres National Forest.
Plenty of signs reminding hikers to stay on the road.
Entering the Los Padres National Forest.
First Sisar Creek crossing.
The road follows the creek.
A second, larger creek crossing.
The road makes a hairpin left turn and climbs out of the canyon via a long switchback.
Looking back at the cliff bands of Topatopa Bluff.
Start of the Red Reef Trail.
Nice singletrack trail with views into Sisar Canyon.
Passing White Ledge Campground. There were several parties breaking camp.
Continuing up Red Reef Trail.
View back toward Topatopa Bluff.
Approaching Nordhoff Ridge.
Continuing along Red Reef Trail (or "Trail 22W08") from its intersection with Nordhoff Ridge Road. Vehicles can access this section of the trail with a permit from the Forest Service.
The trail wraps around the north side of Topatopa Bluff.
The Red Reef Trail is closed to vehicles past this sign.
Climbing to the saddle on the left at 6,100 feet.
From the saddle, following the ridge toward Hines Peak, right of center. To it's right is the playfully named "Creampuff Peak".
The trail bypasses Creampuff Peak, shown here on the right.
Around the bend, Hines Peak comes into view.
View back toward Creampuff Peak.
Preview of Hine Peak's eroded northwest ridge.
Starting up the ridge.
Short knife edge section.
View back from above the knife edge section.
Steep and crumbly terrain on the upper half of the ridge.
View back. Creampuff Peak is on the left, obscuring Topatopa Bluff behind it.
Some loose Class 2 to gain the ridge crest.
Optional Class 2 along the ridge crest.
Hines Peak summit ahead.
View west from below the summit of Hines Peak.
Hines Peak summit. View north into the Sespe Wilderness.
Returning to the saddle at 6,100 feet.
At the saddle, turning left onto Old Topatopa Bluff Road.
View east from the switchback along Old Topatopa Bluff Road. Creampuff Peak is on the right.
Short detour to Peak 6440.
Peak 6440 summit ahead.
Peak 6440 summit. View west.
Continuing along the road toward Topatopa Bluff, right. It's just a small bump along the ridge.
Topatopa Bluff's flat summit area. View northwest.
View northeast. Peak 6440 is on the left.
Following a couple of hikers down a steep firebreak on Topatopa Bluff's west slope.
One can stay on the firebreak, or take this set of switchbacks which offers a gentler grade.
View back up Topatopa Bluff's west slope.
Reconnecting with the Red Reef Trail below.

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