Goat Peak Loop

Topanga State Park, CA


Distance5.4 mi
Elevation gain2,100 ft
Route typeLoop
Duration1.5 hr
CruxClass 2

Peaks bagged

Goat Peak1,728 ft


Goat Peak is an unofficial peak in Topanga State Park that is most easily accessed from Temescal Gateway Park, the trailhead for the popular Temescal Canyon hike. Parking here costs $12, but there's plenty of free curb parking along Sunset Boulevard and Temescal Canyon Road.

The bulk of my route follows two single-track ridgeline trails: the High Point Trail and the Rivas Ridge Trail. Some trail erosion and brushy overgrowth caused by recent rainfall served as a slight hindrance, which was offset by the beauty of hiking through a lush landscape.

From the parking lot, I followed Temescal Canyon Road.
After crossing a small field, I found the start of Rivas Canyon Trail (right).
The trail overlooks Temescal Canyon.
View toward Pacific Palisades.
A sign indicates to stay right to continue along the Rivas Canyon Trail. Instead, I turned left onto the High Point Trail toward Goat Peak.
The High Point Trail snakes through tall brush.
View along the ridge.
Looking back.
Goat Peak ahead.
Some trail erosion. Class 2.
Final stretch.
Goat Peak summit. View north.
View south toward Westside Los Angeles.
Continuing along the ridge.
Turnoff for the Rivas Ridge Trail on the right.
Steep descent.
One of several bumps along the Rivas Ridge Trail.
Short knife edge section.
Looking back at the connector. Goat Peak is on the far left.
Looking back.
The trail has some brushy sections with low hanging branches.
Dropping into Rivas Canyon.
The trail goes up and over this small prominence at the confluence of two streams that feed into Rivas Canyon.
Looking back.
On top of the small prominence, continuing my descent into Rivas Canyon.
Arriving at the canyon floor.
Small creek crossing.
Turning right at this sign to reconnect with the Rivas Canyon Trail.
Climbing out of the canyon via several switchbacks.
Back at the junction with the High Point Trail.

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