McAuley Peak

Malibu Creek State Park, CA


Distance5.9 mi
Elevation gain1,700 ft
Route typeOut & back
Duration2.5 hr
CruxClass 2

Peaks bagged

McAuley Peak(LPC)2,049 ft / Prom. 187 ft

LPC. Lower Peaks Committee


Entering Malibu Creek State Park from the Backbone Trailhead.
The Backbone Trail starts off single-track.
After a short distance, the trail merges with a wider track (called Mesa Peak Tractor Way on Google Maps).
Entering a canyon.
Brents Mountain is visible on the right.
Looking back at where the trail deposits into Mesa Peak Motorway.
Easy walking along Mesa Peak Motorway.
From the road, view southeast down Malibu Canyon.
The occasional oak grove offers some shade.
McAuley Peak visible top-right. The summit is the gigantic boulder poking out of the ridgeline.
A gigantic boulder along the road. Lauren for scale.
View back. Saddle Peak looms in the distance.
Approaching the ridge. Left leads to Mesa Peak, right to McAuley Peak.
After passing a flat area with a picnic table, we continued north on Mesa Peak Motorway.
McAuley Peak comes into view.
Leaving the road here. A short use-trail leads to the summit.
20-foot summit boulder ahead.
East face of the summit boulder.
Short Class 2 section on the north side of the summit boulder.
McAuley Peak Summit
McAuley Peak summit. View east.
View southwest toward the Pacific Ocean.
View northwest. The Backbone Trail continues along Mesa Peak Motorway.

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