Eagle Mountain

Resting Spring Range Wilderness, CA


Distance3.6 mi
Elevation gain1,800 ft
Route typeOut & back
Duration2 h
CruxClass 3

Peaks bagged

Eagle Mountain(DPS, Zdon)3,806 ft / Prom. 1,646 ft

DPS — Desert Peaks SectionZdon — Andy Zdon's Desert Summits


Eagle Mountain from the parking area.
Crossing the steadily flowing Amargosa River.
Looking back across the Amargosa River. My car is on the left.
Short approach to the base of Eagle Mountain on compacted soil.
Picking up a use trail leading into the ascent chute.
View back from the bottom of the ascent chute.
Class 2 slabs.
View back down the steep chute.
Following a use trail to the saddle, left.
On top of the ridge crest, view back toward the saddle.
Closeup of the ridgeline to the north.
View back along the use trail which stays to the left of the ridge.
The use trail wraps around the cliffs ahead.
Approaching Eagle Mountain's summit.
Class 3 section to gain the ridge crest.
Class 2 along the ridge crest.
Eagle Mountain summit. View south.
View northwest.

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