Silver Lake Benchmark

Hollow Hills Wilderness, CA


Distance5.1 mi
Elevation gain1,500 ft
Route typeLoop
Duration3 h
CruxClass 2

Peaks bagged

Silver Lake Benchmark(CaWHP)3,773 ft / Prom. 640 ft

CaWHP — California Wilderness High Points


Silver Lake Benchmark from Cree Camp Road, which forms the eastern boundary of the Hollow Hills Wilderness.
Following a wash down to the base of Silver Lake Benchmark.
Starting up an eastern ridge of Silver Lake Benchmark.
View back. Our route comes in from the left.
Some low Class 2.
One of several large cairns along the ridge.
Dropping into a saddle north of Silver Lake Benchmark. The route continues up the slope on the left.
Class 2 up the northern slope of Silver Lake Benchmark.
View back.
Traversing the ridge toward Silver Lake Benchmark on the left.
View into the western reaches of the Hollow Hills Wilderness. Avawatz Peak is in the distance on the right.
View back along the traverse.
Silver Lake Benchmark summit.
View south.
View back as we descend Silver Lake Benchmark's southern slope.
Following a ridge that curves northwest into the canyon on the left.
Dropping into the wash on the right.
View back from within the wash.
Following the wash downhill.
View back at a narrow passage.
The wash bends right at this eroded rock face.
Mini slot canyon.
View back up the wash as it bends south.
Climbing a small spur ridge to exit the canyon.
On top of the spur ridge, contouring toward the saddle ahead.
Descending the spur ridge into the bajada below. From there, we retraced our approach route back to the car.