Scodie Mountain

Kiavah Wilderness, CA


Distance7.5 mi
Elevation gain2,800 ft
Route typeOut & back
Duration3.5 h
CruxClass 2

Peaks bagged

Scodie Mountain(HPS, HPS★, CaWHP)7,294 ft / Prom. 2,048 ft

HPS — Hundred Peaks SectionHPS★ — Hundred Peaks Section Star PeaksCaWHP — California Wilderness High Points


Starting off along an old road. A lot of old junk scattered about, likely from before this area was incorporated into the Kiavah Wilderness.
Dropping into a minor wash. Scodie Mountain is visible ahead.
The road deteriorates as I approach Scodie Mountain.
Cool Joshua trees.
Aiming for the slope, right of center.
View back.
Enjoying the pretty wildflowers as I ascend the sandy slope.
Another view back.
Approaching a minor saddle at 6,500'.
Traversing Scodie Mountain's north ridge.
View back toward the minor saddle. Owens Peak is visible in the distance, left of center.
More of this sort of terrain on the ridge. Loose, but bushwhacking was minimal.
Approaching an outcrop (peeking out from behind the trees).
Class 2 to stay on the ridge crest.
View of the upcoming ridgeline to the south. A common approach to Scodie Mountain is via Canebrake Creek on the right.
Scodie Mountain ahead.
A short descent before the final major climb.
On the final climb to Scodie Mountain, view back along the north ridgeline.
Scodie Mountain's lumpy summit area. The high point is on the right.
Climbing past the outcrop on the left. The high point is just beyond it.
Scodie Mountain summit block.
Class 2 on the south side of Scodie Mountain's summit block.
Scodie Mountain summit. View south.
View north, the way I came.
View east toward Backus Peak and Russell Peak, two other HPS peaks.

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