Ord Mountain

Ord Mountain Route Network, CA


Distance5.2 mi
Elevation gain1,900 ft
Route typeOut & back
Duration2 h
CruxClass 1

Peaks bagged

Ord Mountain(Zdon)6,309 ft / Prom. 3,249 ft

Zdon — Andy Zdon's Desert Summits


After hiking East Ord Mountain earlier in the day, I set my sights on Ord Mountain, the range high point. From Lucerne Valley, I drove north on Camp Rock Road, keeping left at the junction with Troy Road. Five miles past the junction I turned left onto Pipe Line Road, where I encountered this desert tortoise blocking the road.

Desert tortoise on Pipe Line Road.

I waited about 15 minutes for him to move off of the road. When threatened, desert tortoises may void their bladders to deter potential predators, leading to death by dehydration. Therefore, it is important to refrain from handling these animals. Refer to this video by the NPS on the matter. Sadly, the Mojave desert tortoise population has fallen 90% since the 1980s largely due to habitat loss related to human development. I'm lucky for having spotted one!

With my shelled friend out of harm's way, I continued along Pipe Line Road for a couple miles before reaching a very steep and sandy hill that required 4WD and plenty of torque to climb. (It was a little sketchy, so I recommend bypassing Pipe Line Road altogether and staying on Camp Rock Road until it intersects with Ord Mountain Road to the north.) After some white-knuckled driving, I eventually reached Ord Mountain Road, where I turned left onto a service road. I followed this road for another 0.8 miles and parked at a large pullout before a locked gate.

From the pullout, continuing along the service road by foot.
Locked gate preventing vehicle access to the summit.
The road steadily gains elevation.
Looking back.
The road curves right to the saddle.
Near the saddle, looking back.
After the saddle the summit comes into view.
Helipad just below the summit.
Ord Mountain Summit.
View south.
View southeast toward East Ord Mountain, climbed eariler in the day.

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